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secrets of a stylist: a good mail day.

Doesn't it seem like the only thing you get in the mail these days is junk? So when I opened the mailbox last week and there was something other than junk mail, I did a little happy dance. A magazine, a check, and a thank you card...what??????!!!!!! Amazing.

I LOVE sending cards to my friends and family throughout the year. I want them to have a good mail day too. I always pick up cards at Trader Joes and Home Goods when I go!

I also LOVE receiving cards....hint hint.

The Little Looms Summer magazine I styled.

We shot this at the beginning of December 2021 so it was a lovely surprise in the mail!

I have styled a lot of craft magazines over the past 10 years for a company called Interweave: knits, crochet, quilts, little looms, sew news, and creative machine embroidery (+ a few more that have come and gone since I first started working with them). At one point I think I was working on 12 different publications with them!

One of my favorites has always been the Little Looms magazine which is now a part of Long Thread Media. The items are literally made on a small (little) loom. :) They are so fun and creative! Apparently they are easy to use and you can even make the loom yourself. Every time I do a shoot with them I think I should get a little loom and start making things!

The shoot process: The creative team decides what they want the magazine issue to be about and sends out a "call for submissions" to their loomers (is that even a word?). Then, they send me a style board with inspiration images, a color palette and a theme. We go through all of the projects that will be shot and chat about what the vision is. I like to have a little creative freedom to choose what speaks to me when styling. ;) Sometimes the location dictates how the item should be styled and I decide on the spot what to use from the props I bring. Next, we all meet up at the location (or studio) and that's where the magic happens...creative collaboration!

This issue was ALL about using the location to style. We shot at the Solarium Hotel in Ft. Collins CO. It has this amazing courtyard in the center of all the rooms that is filled with greenery, a Koi pond, little tables and lots of places to lounge. It's warm and humid and feels like a little slice of Summer regardless the time of year you are there.

This issue is Summer 2022 with the theme "Vintage Travel". I brought vintage postcards, international currency, vintage suitcases, maps, sun hats, sunglasses, a globe, hula girl, vintage cameras, a picnic basket... and a whole lot more!

FYI: The images are from me taking pics of the actual magazine on my coffee table. The photographer (Matt Graves) did a much better job capturing all the details! And Kit Kinseth brought all the magic together!

The drinks are French sodas from World Market! Wee Wee!

Looks so sunny and would never know how chilly it was outside.

Vintage thermoses, maps, and picnic basket from Jeff's stash.

The palm hat is from one of my favorite stores in Nashville: imogene + willy.

The background surface is vintage grasscloth wallpaper from Jeff's uncle's house.

How cute is this table runner? I love the little bird detail! And what a great excuse to use vintage drink stirrers....cocktail anyone?

Who doesn't want to curl up here and read a book on vacation?

I went to Belize in January and I actually read an entire book! It was the first time I've ever done that and can't wait to do it again on vacation. Pure relaxation.

That croissant was literally someone's breakfast that they kindly let me use as a prop!

You can even make a neck pillow for all your travels!

I put a bikini in this shot but they thought it was too distracting.

Lemon shoes and a fedora for the win!

I think this pillow is my fav! What should we name him?

The gluten free fig bar was my breakfast. It's probably as good as that croissant, right?

Jeff set these vintage suitcases up on the stairs for this shot! Perfect.

The project index shows all of the shots cute!

I was shopping for an upcoming shoot and spotted this issue of Little Looms in the wild. I may have swapped it's location with another magazine so it would be upfront. :)

stylist tip: Use fresh items for styling. Whether you're decorating your home or a photo set, fresh flowers or plants adds a nice detail and touch. I love buying eucalyptus for shoots and for my house. It has such a clean scent and looks great everywhere and goes in any style of home. Who doesn't love fresh flowers?

stylist secret: I used to let my mail stack up and then when company came over, I would shove it all in a paper shopping bag and tuck it in a cupboard. And then forget about it.

When I moved here from my last house, I was forced to go through all those bags. I found my social security card (!!) and I vowed I would never do that again. So now I sort my mail as soon as it comes and recycle all the junk and put the rest where it belongs. #adulting #clutterfree

Thanks for reading! Do you have a system for your mail? What would yo name that cute whale pillow? Who's ready for a Summer vacation? Please leave a question or comment below!

Until next time...cheers! xo tina

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