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secrets of a stylist: bring on fall.

Fall. My favorite time of the year. The leaves are starting to change, the nights and mornings are crisp, and flannels and sweaters are sneaking back into my wardrobe. I have fond memories of Fall: football games, pumpkin patches, hay rack rides, hot cocoa and apple cider, farm festivities, and getting together around an outdoor fire. Oh, and I get to bring out my Pendleton blankets again...YAY! I think growing up in NE has a lot to do with my love of Fall. It's a break from the hot and humid Summer and not quite the freeze your buns off Winter. Plus, all the fun things to do with the fam growing up in a small town.

Last year, my parents came to visit in October and I took them to a local farm for an event that was really meant for kids. (Kids of all ages I decided.) My dad bought me a pony ride, we petted the animals, and we took a really bumpy (but fun) train ride around the farm. So. Much. Fun.

My little pony ride 2021.

We all needed to go to the chiropractor after this but it was worth it! Haven't laughed this hard in a long time!

It's been a busy time over here at the tiny ginger HQ. We recently shot with a new vegan meat company based in Boulder CO called Meati (surprisingly delicious!) and then 3 days with a pharmaceutical company, plus the Little looms magazine. Jeff and I traveled to Ventura CA for a super fun shoot with my good friends at Harper Point Photography for Lenny and Larry's. The weather was amazing: low 80s during the day and 60s at night...what a dream! We had a "day off" to spend with Kira and Nate and their family. We went to the beach, ate tacos on the pier, and played music that night (I dominated the wood block :). Perfection.

Jeff and I at the beach. Yes, I'm wearing a sweater.

We stayed at the cutest AirBnB less than a mile from the studio and frankly, I kind of want to live there. Simple, comfy, cozy and felt like home.

1940's surf stinking cute.

Love this bath mat. I need to up my wall paper game.

I did some laundry while we were there and washed my new flannel shirt (the black and white buffalo plaid one). There must've been bleach or something that leaked into the washer and it left a drippy bleach spot on the back at the top of the shirt. I was so disappointed that my new shirt was ruined! I decided I would just go get another one since it was from Costco!

When I got home and unpacked, I looked at my newly ruined shirt and thought - maybe I try and make the bleach spot work for me!? Why not? I can't make it worse, right? I got out my rubber bands and a spray bottle with bleach water in it, wrapped the bands around it and laid it in my kitchen sink. I decided to only bleach the top 1/3 of it- make it a little funky. After the first go, I rinsed it with cold water, then hot water, then soaked it in vinegar and cold water for a couple of hours. I'm really not sure what you're supposed to do but I figured vinegar would probably set it. Then I laundered it by itself with vinegar and a little soap. When it was done, I decided it need more bleaching to make it look purposeful! I laid it in my sink and did the whole process again without the rubber bands! I love how it turned out! I wore it to brunch with Jeff and his mom on a crisp-felt-like-Fall morning this weekend and there was a woman wearing the same flannel right next to me (she too clothing shops at Costco). :) Except mine is custom now!

My custom #Costco flannel. LOL

Love the black and white with a mustard pant! These are my go to pants for Summer!

My wardrobe for the trip to CA. See a theme there? I'm obviously ready for FALL!

ALL of this fit in one packing cube. I should've done a video or taken pics.

Even I was amazed!

Right now, I'm prepping for a shoot with Starbucks and one with Ball Corp. that I have early next week. A few meetings, shopping, and a little "time off" while I get ready for the shoots. Today, I made yummy GF mini pumpkin spice bundt cakes and am going to organize my sweater closet before Fall actually does arrive! I may have bought a few sweaters at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (and some while shopping with my sister last month....)


Just need a cup of coffee and this will be perfect.

stylist secret: I will shop anywhere! Many years ago, TJ and I went to the Denver dump to take a truckload of stuff to get rid of and while we were waiting in line to get weighed, I see a neon sign that says, "SHOP". I was so excited! I said- "OMG- there's a place to shop here?" TJ just laughed and said- "No, that's where they fix things". :)

stylist tip: If you find something you love, buy it in multiples. My favorite leggings are from Costco! They are lined and oh so cozy. I wore them pretty much everyday last Fall/Winter (and wore them out!) so when they brought them back this year, I bought 2 more pairs. Thinking I may need more! They are super inexpensive and they do pill so I wash them and hang them to dry. They are so cute with a flannel or an oversized sweater with boots. Add a scarf and a jean jacket and you have the perfect Fall look! I LOVE them! It's like a little warm hug for your legs.

What's your favorite season? Are you a PSL fan? Do you get giddy when Starbucks announces they are bringing it back? I'm not a fan of the drink but give me mini doughnut or bundt cake with pumpkin spice and I'm all in. Happy Fall Y'all.

Thanks for reading! Until next time...cheers! xo tina

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