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secrets of a stylist: Detroit Rock City!

Last weekend I went to Detroit to celebrate my friend Lena's birthday! Her husband flew me out as a surprise gift for her. I was honored! I don't think I've ever been someones's gift before! I haven't seen her since the beginning of 2020 and there is nothing like spending time with a dear friend! We used to do "Lena and Tina Talk Time on Tuesdays"...but then life got busy and we stopped. :( It was great to catch up and have a little bit of alone time with my girl! :)

We're in my new favorite store. More info below...

Lena has a podcast called Dating Lena! She goes on a date with herself each week and then shares with the world her experience. She took me to a few of her solo date spots- it was so fun to see them in person!

We shopped, ate great food, and laughed our assess off! We also froze our asses off. You know how they say "feels like ______ " (insert temp here). Well, it was 20 degrees and they said it felt like 6. 6 degrees!!!!?????? More like -6. It was a blistery-mid-west-freeze-your-buns-off kind of cold. And the day I left? Sunny and high of 40. It was so fun.

view from our hotel....brrrrr....

We stayed downtown at the Element Hotel. Before and After pics. What a renovation!

We stopped by The Lip Bar and tried on a bunch of lipsticks while hanging out on swings.

I never wear color on my lips but I like this one!

We ordered almost the entire menu at Leilas. Loved the style of this place- so beautiful and the food was yummy. I'm thanking the food gods for filling my belly.

Did you know you have to have a reservation to have a cocktail in downtown Detroit...what kind of nonsense is this? Am I just old and out of touch now?

We tried to get a drink this cute hidden little bar but couldn't. Next time! Maybe I return in the early Summer or the Fall when it's warmer! :)

Before the snow came, she took me to this awesome shop. The Eldorado General Store...known as the lost city of gold. I would agree with that.

I want to live there. Seriously, it is dreamy.

Vintage clothing and shoes, crystals, feathers, new and vintage jewelry, wall hangings, incense, hats, African mud cloths, sage bundles, and all around good vibes.

We spent over an hour in here and I'm pretty sure we didn't see everything. I really tried.

Yes, they have a feather bar.

And a gem/crystal bar. I bought a Desert Rose formation.

Sometimes I need a little reminder to listen to my inner voice and be the best version of myself I can be.

stylist tip: If you find something you love, buy it. You won't regret it later. I was in Ojai CA at the beginning of 2020 in this cute little shop and looked at some African mud cloths and LOVED them but didn't buy one (my suitcase was literally stuffed already!). I have thought about them many times since then and promised myself I wouldn't make that mistake again. The Eldorado had a few beauties to choose from (you can find more here on etsy!). My carry-on was already packed to the brim (hey, it's Winter in Detroit!). I wasn't leaving this time without one.

my secret: I bought two. When you can't decide which color or pattern you love more, you buy them both.

I'm not sure yet where they are going to live in my home. Some people buy the cloths to make other things out of it like accent pillows, purses, etc. I think they will make great wall hangings or used as throw blankets (or both!). I love them just how they are: a little raw and a lot of beauty.

Thanks for reading! Have you ever left something behind at a shop that you regretted? If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below!

Until next time...cheers! xo tina

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