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secrets of a stylist: my girls.

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

Meet Stella and Zoe. They are my true loves! I don't really know why I started this blog with posts about my home because really, wherever my dogs are, I am home. They have stolen my heart and bring me so much joy. Even when I have to clean up their poop in the yard...I think to myself, "I GET to do this." I also say that when I have to go to the dentist. It puts doing mundane things (picking up poo) or scary things (the dentist) into perspective. Having a dog (and going to the dentist) is a privilege. I am one lucky woman.

They do enjoy each other's company but it's Zoe that instigates the snuggles with her sister.

Stella is the princess in the family and I am her person...she is not my dog. You know what I mean? She gives me kisses when SHE wants to. Period. She is so so sweet and loves people, dogs, and lammies. and unicorn llamas (new favorite). She is not motivated by food unless there's chicken involved and then she'll do some tricks! High five is her specialty.

Zoe is the watchdog in the family. She makes sure no squirrel or mailman lingers too long. She loves ALL food. She once broke into my pantry and ate masa out of the bag. She also loves a good belly rub and will stand over your foot to get one.

Zoe doesn't do tricks.

Here they are in one of their many dog beds. #pendleton Stella kept sun doggin it on the hard woods in the afternoon so I put it at the end of the dining room table so she could be more comfy. I am such a good mama. Now they lay there during dinner too!

Stella has modeled for a knitting magazine. Look at that face!!!!!


Here they are curled up with a "#pendleton inspired" pillow. The chair is from Home Goods and it's the most comfiest place to watch TV, read, or work from home! Stella only wants to be in this chair after I have been in it and steals it from me!

stylist tip: if you mention #pendleton enough, maybe they'll send you some free schwag??

more #pendleton to come too. surprise!

my secret: I have numerous nicknames for the girls. Some are quite embarrassing,..but, I'm sure the dogs love them.

Stella: Stella Bean, mama's sweet bear, Stellz, princess kittylips, 'ol chatter lips, shiver me timbers (more of an action she does!)

Zoe: ZoZo, Z Dawg, Z, stink bottom, snuggle bunny, alligator mouth, chubby bunny, nugget butt.

and each one of their toys: lammi, bun bun, baby bear, elf tom brady, skeletor, llama damma, hallo-lammy...oh, the list goes on.

If you have pets, please share your favorite nickname for them in the comments! Thanks for reading about my sweet baby girls! More to come...I have only a few dog pics on my phone.

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