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secrets of a stylist: i've gone to the birds.

A few years ago, I bought a birdhouse and bird feeder at Target on sale. They were so cute and inexpensive, it was too good to pass up! I hung them up and filled the feeder with birdseed but never had any birds come visit me. Last year, I was complaining to Jeff that my birdfeeder wasn't getting any action and he said that all I needed was a perch for them to land on. I may have rolled my eyes. He secured a small branch onto the bird feeder and voila...birds suddenly appeared. Does he know everything? Drives me crazy.

Look at that perch! Held on with coated wire...genius!

I've really enjoyed sitting out back and watching them! There's this one asshole that is a total pig and chases the other birds off....he won't even let them hang out on the perch while he's inside. I love seeing them swoop in and land on the feeder or the roof, the window sill, or the rope that it's hanging from. It's amazing how fast they are and how they can land with such precision. I also think it is so cute to watch them walk (or hop) around. You can FLY bird, yet you choose to walk.

Hard to get a good pic of them! They are so fast!

I decided that one bird feeder is not enough, especially since someone has a problem sharing with others. I really wanted a mid-century style house...but can't find anything in that genre. (Anyone need a gift idea for me? Hint. Hint.) I did find one that reminds me of a little mountain house! If I can't have one, at least my birds can. It can hold up to 8 pounds of birdseed! I may put this on a post in the yard instead of hanging it from the house. It has a security feature as well that prevents squirrels from eating any of the smart!

The Mountain House.

Caught one in flight and one on the Mountain House!

Jeff surprised me with a new book.

The dogs seem to enjoy them also. Zoe waits until there's a bunch of birds in the yard and then runs over and scares them off. She's so tough. She's also been eating their leftovers off the ground. Did you know that corn is a tracking vegetable? :) Stella walks over there and just watches them and the birds don't fly away. So interesting. She used to sit and watch my mother-in-law's bird for was like doggy TV.

Zoe on patrol.

I watched my friend's dog Blue this weekend and he didn't seem to care about the birds. Just lounged around!

He's my little Blue bear! So handsome.

I'm figuring out a new place for my bird feeders to live. Right now they are close to the house and I'm pretty sure I saw a mouse hiding in the bushes below them. Zoe was sniffing around there and scared it away but it's only a matter of time until it gets cold and they want INSIDE the house. No thank you. The squirrels are getting more brazen as well.. makes for some good entertainment with the dogs!

The stare down.

Full sprint.

"Seriously lady...where's my cob of corn?"

At what age do you turn into an old lady who likes to watch birds? Apparently, for me, it's 49.

stylist tip: Buy the things you love and they will go together! I got a little hung up on what style of birdhouse, what color, what shape, what material, etc. Then I found the Mountain House and loved it! I think it "goes" nicely with the others even though it's so different. I've got eclectic style anyway so I don't know why my bird feeders should be any different...the birds don't seem to mind!

stylist secret: Last week, I ran out of birdseed. I felt so bad for the birds that "Cafe Gill" was closed (still trying to think of a crafty name) but I really didn't want to go anywhere. It was 100 degrees out and I was comfy and cool in the house. But I did anyway. This is when I knew I had a problem. Later that night, I ordered another bird feeder and asked a friend of mine who is a potter to make me one. I was elated to find a giant bag of bird seed at Costco. I'm now on the hunt for a birdbath...I already have a little fountain pump for it. :)

For the love of birds...

Thanks for reading! What do you think I should name my bird feeding area? Any bird tips?

Until next time...cheers! xo tina

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