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secrets of a stylist: mi casa-the front.

Four years ago, my husband at the time and I bought this sweet little gem of a home outside of Denver CO. It has taken on numerous looks since then and continues to evolve. My style changes, I get inspired, I find something new (or old!), or I simply need to freshen things up. Ever notice how your surroundings can just become mundane? You look at the same things every day and you don't even notice the cobwebs or the paint chips or how gross the rug has started looking. I love freshening up the outside with plants every summer, a new door mat, and staining my says "snail mail" on it and makes me smile. Hopefully my postman enjoys it too.

{we added the "wood wall" to the outside of the house to cover painted stone and to add visual interest and warmth. I love how it turned out!}

{The previous owner had 5 kids (4 boys and 1 girl) and the boys broke out the windows on the side of the garage playing baseball! So they decided to add wood to cover them- love it!}

{We also painted the brick (the neighbors were a little shocked!) and the front door has had a few colors painted on it. I actually have replaced them since this photo was taken with AMAZING steel doors and new side windows that open}

{old door and windows but I love how warm and inviting this feels! and that sky...the golden hour light is soooo amazing}

{new steel door in Hyacinth}

I used K&H Home Solutions for the front door and side windows.

stylist tip: double up your rugs to make a small doormat feel bigger. Bottom one is from Target and top one is from IKEA. I love switching up my door mat- it's an easy and inexpensive way to get a fresh look.

stylist tip: wetting down your deck/patio and driveway for an exterior shot makes everything look clean and fresh and rich in color. Who doesn't love that feeling right after it rains....can you smell that post rain scent? fresh.

my secret: look EVERYWHERE for what you want! I really wanted a mid-century modern home. I grew up in a ranch and have always been drawn to them. I had not considered living in Brighton until I found this house on a general Zillow search ("mid-century" in ALL of Colorado). and guess what? My best friend lives a mile away. #blessed #miscasa #bff

*all images except the last one are by Harper Point Photography. Nate is the man.

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