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secrets of a stylist: my 2020 vision board.

Have you ever made a vision board? It's kind of like Pinterest but actually making it in real life: putting your dreams for the future on paper through pictures and words. I created one on Friday with a dear friend of mine. We spent FOUR hours catching up, listening, sharing, cutting, pasting, and telling the universe what we want. What a gift.

I used to do this every year with some girlfriends on New Year's Day but hadn't done it in awhile until the beginning of 2020. Two of my friends came over and we created vision boards. The best part was seeing them and hearing what they were dreaming of. But, I have to say...there IS power in this. I'm sure there are a million books out there about setting intentions and achieving your goals...but are they as fun as getting together with your besties and being crafty and later seeing results?

My friend suggested that we do 4 separate boards to attract different things for different areas of our lives.

1. Love + Relationships

2. Career + Money

3. Health + Fitness

4. Spiritual + Emotional Wellbeing

I made 3 boards that year. I combined health + fitness with spiritual + emotional wellbeing and added in self love to that one too because I needed to find ME and discover who I was. I also left them up for 2021 considering what a shit show 2020 was...I thought they deserved another shot, another year to be great, another year to be fulfilled.

My 2020-2021 boards:

1. Love + Relationships

This one was a tough one for me in 2020 so I focused on my family and really leaned into them. During the pandemic, my mom and sister and I talked pretty much every day, mostly by text. It was AMAZING and has continued to be. We would share daily mundane activities, recipes we were trying, frustrations, joys, sadness, loves, support of one another and a lot of dog (and goat) pictures. It is one of the best things that 2020 brought me. Oh, and another great thing: the very first cake I made from scratch. A lemon ricotta cake.

I make it gluten free using 1:1 GF flour and it is soooooo yummy. I would make two 9" cakes and layer them with lemon curd and top the whole cake in lemon cream cheese frosting. mmmm... Did anyone else gain weight during 2020?

We are a dog family.

Left to right top: Judy, Bart, Cooper

Left to right bottom: Murphy, Stella, Zoe

2. Career + Money

I wanted to build a bigger business: attract clients or jobs that required more behind the scenes work, more props, more prep, more assistants. At the end of 2019, I decided it was time to stop renting Uhauls and to start looking to buy van. My assistant and I found a Ram ProMaster that was perfect for us. We named him Claude Damn Van. Build it (or buy it) and they will come. Over the next 2 years we worked on some HUGE productions: 1st Bank, Boppy, CO Springs Utilities, Ford Motors, Pampers, Starbucks, Orgain, Ball Corp., Doritos, and more. Claude was a rockstar!

All these props (except he fridges and couches) were brought to the studio in Claude and shot individually on white. We filled him 3 times!!!

3. Health + Spiritual Wellbeing + Self Love

I wanted to focus on mental health: yoga, breathing, travel, and experiencing new things. I started doing yoga everyday, was trying to learn Spanish, and was practicing living in the moment. Those things didn't stay as consistent as I wanted them to. I did make a huge change though and I started listening to myself and following my heart. I was doing things that made ME happy. I'm still trying to live in the present....some days are more successful than others. I have recently done some things (swimming with sharks!) that made me step out of my comfort zone and BE in the moment and it was marvelous.

During the pandemic, the only place I felt comfortable going (travel wise) was to visit my family in neighboring states. I think when I made my vision board, I thought of traveling for vacation would consist of relaxing in sun drenched beaches under palm trees or at a calming yoga retreat and I ended up in Kansas and Nebraska. :) Even though it was not a tropical destination, it was still good for the soul. #babygoats #sistertime #family

My sister has some sweet goats (one is named Ginger after me!) and I was lucky enough to be there right after the mamas gave birth. Is there anything cuter than a baby goat?

maybe a baby goat in pajamas.

It was interesting looking at those boards from two years ago. What did I want for the future? What did the universe send me? Did I listen? Do I need to be more specific? I created 3 brand spankin' new ones for 2022 that I will share next week! So excited to see what the future holds for me!

stylist tip: You don't have to be crafty or creative to make a vision board. You just have to have some scissors, glue, poster board, magazines, and a little time. I bought all of the supplies (except the magazines) at the Dollar Store...did you know everything there is now $1.25!? WTF!?? Also, look for magazines at the thrift store - you can find them so inexpensive there! Or "borrow" them from your doctor and dentist office. :)

I LOVE these two magazines: ORIGIN and MANTRA WELLNESS. They both have beautiful pictures and a lot of inspiring words, quotes, and articles about women and are perfect for vision boards. I want to live in them. Read them first and then cut 'em up!

my secret: I've been dreaming of an investment property to fix up, rent out, escape to and maybe eventually retire to. Maybe I just want to decorate another home?

I'm still working on this board...and will share it with you next week!

There it is universe - are you listening?

You know the saying, "Be careful what you wish for". I think it should actually say, "Be intentional on what you wish for." If you create a vision board- tell the universe exactly what you want. Be specific. Be bold

Thanks for reading! Leave a comment or ask a question! If you find this blog fun, helpful, inspiring, or entertaining- please share it with your friends! until next time...cheers! xo tina

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