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secrets of a stylist: my 2022 vision boards.

Hey there universe. Let's start this year off with a little dreaming, cutting and pasting.

Last Friday my dear friend Beth came over and we spent four hours together working on our vision boards. It was her idea and I was so excited! I LOVE to buy magazines! But, I never read them unless I'm on an airplane. I think I will look through them on my "day off" so I buy them anyway. I always feel a little guilty taking the time for myself to sit and read a frivolous, right? (Why do we do that to ourselves? Check out this podcast "Dating Lena" for permission to take time for yourself- I love it!). Creating vision boards forced me to take a minute to actually look through them and decide who made the cut. Literally.

I made us breakfast charcuterie boards to snack on! Have you ever done this? They were not Pinterest worthy but oh so yummy! Beth snapped a couple of pics and I should have taken a fancy one on my phone for this blog but I didn't. I was too excited to start working on my charcuterie board and my vision board. :)

I made us individual ones. Then on Sunday I had a some friends over and I decided to actually go for it and make a big one for all of us! And take a pretty picture!

I collect cutting boards and use them for charcuterie all the time, but I've recently been into using sheet pans because they hold everything in place. No rolling off the edges...

I'm talking to you grapes.

I like to think about what I want and need before looking for words/images. Beth and I asked each other what we were dreaming of and what our goals were. It was great to say it out loud, to tell someone else instead of just thinking about it. I knew I wanted to focus on me (health), my business (new ways to create), and something to dream about (a rental property). My three categories were set. I find myself always wanting to be healthier, to work towards a better business and dream about something that seems just a little out of reach. Maybe they all seem that way and that's why I put them on my boards??

I looked through a bunch of magazines: HGTV, Origin, Mantra Wellness, Eating Well, etc. I love finding beautiful pictures to use as a background so there's a little depth to the board and it's not so stark. I cut out anything and everything that speaks to me: words, phrases, pictures, and recipes (I saved a few to try since I actually was "reading" the magazine finally). I asked Beth if she found 'abundance' to cut it out for me. I spotted this cute leopard on the page of her magazine and asked her to cut that out too.

<insert cute Irish accent here> "Oh, Muggins, of course!" I love you Beth.

She made one board with everything she wanted and I made THREE! I apparently like to separate my dreams out. Organize them. I do love good organization. With so much stuff (props and wardrobe) going in and out of my house for photoshoots, I have to stay organized or it drives me crazy. I already have a house full of things and then I bring more things home for shoots and it can get overwhelming. Everything needs a place. I could do a whole post (or 3) on organization alone.

So here they are in all their pasty glory.

My 2022 vision boards....already pinned to the wall in my office! HELLO universe!

1. My health: finding ways to be in the present, being less stressed, calming my anxiety, and eating healthier.

I want to plant a garden this year, make great food, practice yoga, and feed my soul.

2. My business: finding new ways to be creative and more potential revenue streams.

This one is about this blog: sharing styling ideas, myself and my home.

A little look behind the scenes.

3. My future investment: finding a new property to buy for a rental and maybe for retirement.

I would love a lake house within 3-5 hours of here. Or, a tiny cabin in the woods. Peace.

I love decorating...maybe that's why I want another home!

Work started off this year much slower than last year and at first I was like- Yay! And then it stayed slow and I thought, "Uh oh- did I piss someone off? Did I drop the F bomb one too many times on set?" When you are self-employed and your business is YOU, you question yourself when it gets slow and start to worry that you will NEVER work again. I did that. And then I realized, I actually asked the universe for this. Time for myself. Time to work on me: yoga, mindfulness, this blog, and of course...more time to organize. It was such a realization! The universe was already giving me what I asked for. I just had to pay attention. Yay again!

stylist tip: If you can't find the word you want- make it yourself! I recently bought an old school label maker to add to my organizing fun. Do you remember these? So fun! I thought it would also be great to create words we couldn't find for our vision boards!

Even though abundance was all around me, I never found it (literally) in a I typed it out. :)

Can you find the other word I typed out?'s something I LOVE.

my secret: these boards are very personal and I hesitated sharing them. But then I thought to myself, why the hell not? Get it out there. Tell the world (even if it's only my friends and family reading this). Actually, ESPECIALLY if it's my friends and family reading this.

I LOVE YOU! Thanks for supporting me!

Remember to stop, take a moment, and listen to what the universe is telling you. You may in fact, already be receiving what you needed and wanted. Thanks for reading! If you have a dream you want to share with the world, post it in the comments!!!

Until next time... cheers! xo tina

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