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secrets of a stylist: my entryway.

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

I have disliked my entry tile since the day I first stubbed my toe on a chunk of slate that was sticking up. I have been in my house for almost 4 years now and have wanted this change SO BAD for the entire time I've been here! It always felt dirty, smelled of raw stone when you mopped it and was a total tripping hazard.

We had unusually warm days in November and I had a some much needed time off. I knew if I didn't do something now it would be many more years of sadness and with this hideous and dangerous tile. :)

{before pic: the toe-taker-offer-tile in natural slate}

{you can see how uneven it is. and it looks dirty, right?}

{this is right before we tore it out...also replaced my baseboard heat covers!}

I thought I should do something simple that would endure time and a lot of different tastes, you know, for future buyers. But nothing spoke to me and it just felt boring.

I have been IN LOVE with this tile for years and I kept coming back to it ... drooling whenever I saw it on Pinterest or was at Floor and Decor. AND I'm slightly addicted (or obsessed?) to Pendleton...ALL things Pendleton (love this blanket!) and this tile totally has that vibe. My friend Jess installed it in her spare bathroom and I instantly had tile envy and wanted it even more in my home.

Is it too bold? Will it decrease my resale value? Am I even selling my home soon? no. Does it make me happy? yes, extremely. So I went for it. And it was a lot less expensive than the other tile I was looking at! #winning #bargainhunter Every time I look at it, I am so happy I did it! It's so fresh and fun!

i was worried that the black and white would show EVERYTHING! To my surprise, it actually looks pretty clean all the time. And it mops up beautifully!

{We added a little brass trim edge piece (schluter metal) where the tile meets the wood. I just love the little shine it gives and makes everything come together and look finished.}

{both dogs seem to love it too! :)}

stylist tip: treat black and white as a neutral and pair it with any color you LOVE! It goes with everything!

my secret- do what makes you happy. You can’t please everyone but you can always please yourself.

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