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secrets of a stylist: my favorite room.

I'm sure we all have those favorite spaces in our homes, right? I love being in the living room and you will find me in there most of the's a place that the dogs and I can curl up on the couch and snuggle by the fireplace. I also love my kitchen because that's where everyone gathers, bread is broke, and stories are shared around the table.

But my FAVORITE room is my back spare bedroom aka the hat room. Here's the deal...the back spare bedroom has northern light and it is magical.

ALL day the room is lit so perfectly and I just feel like it's giving me a big hug when I walk in. It's happy. It's warm. It's funky. It's got a sense of style. And it doesn't take itself too seriously. It's all the things I hope to be.

I do my wardrobe styling back here's where all the magic happens! I used to set a clothing rack against the wall opposite the windows to take advantage of that light. But, of course, I rearranged the living room and needed a place for the trunk on wheels (which is actually an old rice storage box from Indonesia) and it landed here. I do love being able to display little treasures and art. So for now, my rack goes in front of the closet which is filled with clothing and shoes I sometimes use for shoots. Not the most ideal place, but it works.

In 2020, my friends from Harper Point Photography interviewed friends and family via Zoom/FaceTime to get a sense of how everyone was living with the pandemic and they shot me throughout my house. I was so excited to be a part of this! I actually put on a jumpsuit, did my hair and makeup and had so much fun with them!

What a weird and crazy year....right?

This is one of my favorites from the "shoot" with them.

I found this buffalo painting at an estate sale- there's something very calming about it.

These are my grandparents. My grandma is celebrating her 101st birthday this year!

She's pretty amazing.

I may have a plant addiction. It started small and now I have about 65 throughout my house. I've added a bunch of plants to this room. I think they love the light as much as I do!

I found this dresser at a garage sale in Lexington Nebraska. It holds all my socks, tights, and scarves for photoshoots. Every drawer is STUFFED- it's amazing how many socks I've collected over the years. I have donated a bunch yet the drawers remain's like they are multiplying in the middle of the night!

I almost forgot to tag #pendleton in this post- what was I thinking? I found this vintage blanket at the coolest store (Sun Dog) in Salida CO that is unfortunately no longer there. It was so dreamy- vintage clothes, jewelry, blanket, hats, bows and arrows, art....just some kick ass goods. (I changed out the bedding for Fall/Winter and added this #pendleton blanket to add another layer of warmth and style. And of course, for the dogs to enjoy. Zoe seems to be.

stylist tip: use what you have to decorate your walls. I had these hats all stacked up in a pile tucked away in my closet. I LOVE how they add so much interest to the room- I like to think of it as functional art. Happy decorating!

my secret: I have a potty mouth. My mom hates it...but I am who I am. Sorry mom!

I truly am so fucking blessed.

Thank you for reading! Until next time....cheers!

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