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secrets of a stylist: spring refresh | the hat room.

Who else is over the snow? I'm soooooo ready for Spring! Both of my spare bedrooms are feeling like they need a refresh! A little somethin somethin to brighten them up! So let's start with my favorite room...the hat room!

I found this bedspread at Target awhile ago and I love it! It's light weight and great for layering in the Winter or by itself in Spring and Summer. I treat it as a neutral because it's black and tan. And of course, I LOVE playing with pattern on pattern. Hello #pendleton blanket! Hello awesome pillow shams that have leopards on them (also from Target)!

Stella being a ham for the camera. This is her 2nd photoshoot of the day.

I recently picked up these cute foldable camp chairs and I think they will also look nice with the Spring decor! Zoe looks a little evil, and she may be. She howled like a wolf in her sleep last night- she's never done that before. It scared me at first and then I realized it was her. A-dor-a-ble.

I was inspired by Kelly from the Tattered Pew! We did a holiday photoshoot at her house for Farmhouse Style magazine (for the Holiday 2022 issue) and she had the camp chairs in her spare bedroom. We also used them outside by her front door for another photo. Very versatile! Guests can use them to put their suitcase on or they could be used for extra seating anywhere! I LOVE them! Check out her blog- it's so charming! (just like her home and family...and her dogs are the cutest!)

Here is my inspiration from the Target website:

I love the crisp white and a pop of color! Surprisingly, it plays well with the black and tan. It adds that freah, clean feel I want for Spring and Summer. See that perfect roll at the top with the white sheet laying over it? I bet there's rolled towels under there to add fullness!

That's a little stylist secret!

I didn't buy the matching shams to the comforter (I'm more of a mix and match kinda girl). So I used one leopard sham, a textured white sham and a plain pillow case and, of course, a printed sheet. The accent pillows are so fun for Spring and Summer and add that pop of color I was looking for.

The Buena Vida pillow is from Kohls (super sale!) and the cactus pillow is from Due South in Lafayette CO. It was a gift from a dear friend for my birthday this year! Make sure to check out Due South- it's amazing. One of my favorites! Is it possible to have too many pom poms?

As soon as I laid that blanket on the bed, Stella jumped up. And it was styled so perfectly!

I think the dogs love blankets as much as I do!

stylist tip: play around with the number of pillows on your bed! I normally have four pillows (2 down and 2 poly fill) plus an accent pillow...I like to have options for my guests! :) I only used three to style this bed because I liked how the cactus pillow looked tucked in. Is it weird? Maybe! But I like it!

my secret: I do a lot of returns from Amazon for my job and I LOVE doing them at Kohls. It's super convenient and they always give you a coupon- either a % off an item or $5 in Kohls Cash (aka FREE money!) I always find a little something to buy: a card, gift wrap, anything for $5! And I always check out the clearance in the home goods area (you know, just to be safe!) The Buena Vida pillow was on clearance and with my Kohls Cash, I got it for FREE!!!

Thanks for reading! Do you have a favorite place to shop for pillows? Currently, I love Target, Home Goods, and World Market! If you have a question or comment, please leave it below! Until next time...cheers! xo tina

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