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secrets of a stylist: summer is over. target said so.

I was in Target last month and there was a bunch of employees busy taking all of the Summer garden stuff down. To my right were all of the new school supplies piled up in big bright yellow cardboard bins. I looked at one of the guys as I was stepping over an umbrella laying on the floor and he apologized for the mess. I laughed and said, Summer's over...Target says so." Everyone chuckled and agreed.

With Summer coming to a close (how did that even happen?), I want to share a few of my favorite things! Now is a great time to find stuff on super sale and save it for next year or have a little refresh for the remaining sunny days! FYI: this post contains a few affiliate links. I may receive compensation if you click on one of them and buy something. :)

Here's my top 3 buys this Summer:

1. Greenworks cordless is not for your wardrobe but it is a life saver.

My sister recommended this to me and I can't thank her enough. I have a string trimmer that is electric and a pain in my ass. You have to not only carry the trimmer around but also a giant extension cord. How I never whacked that cord in half is beyond me. I literally just weed whacked the entire back yard in 15 left arm is sore and I'm typing WAY slower than normal but I think it's just because I'm out of shape! This new trimmer is lightweight, cordless, and gets the job done. It comes with a rechargeable battery that works with a variety of other Greenworks products. The cordless blower is on my wishlist!

Huge fan of making my life easier and this trimmer does just that.

2. Kate Landry Caftan...let's be clear, it's a house dress. I have my sister to thank for this favorite as well. She gave me a house dress last year while we were on vacation in TN. I wore it every night lounging around the AirBnb. Not only do I enjoy it at home, but I always take it whenever I travel now! Last week, she called me to tell me Dillards was having a huge sale and she was going to look for another house dress for herself (yes please, for me too!). I hopped on and found this super cute tie dyed dress and it was on sale!

Whenever I wear my caftans, I feel like Mrs. Roper from Three's Company...I'm ok with that. Do you remember that show...such a good one!

Unfortunately it's no longer available at Dillards...but this one is!

I totally look just like this model while wearing my house dress HAHAHAH

...except more stylish...just add some cool jewelry!

There is nothing like working (or shopping or traveling) all day, taking a shower, and throwing on a house dress to lounge around in. These are so cute, I decided that they shouldn't be hidden away from the world. So, after angry cleaning my garage yesterday (long story), I showered, threw on my new house dress, some rose gold Birks, a few bracelets and out the door to Target I went. Is this how wearing pajamas at Walmart started? I would never...

This is what happens when my trash service fires me up at 6am on a Monday morning and I need a way to work out my frustrations...I organize and clean. Angrily.

I just got that Rubbermaid Fasttrack this weekend! Loves me some organization!

3. Born sandals...where comfort meets style. Born Shoes was a client of mine for a few years and as a result, my closet is packed with them (I was a fan prior to working with them too!). I haven't worked with them in a couple of years and unfortunately, my shoe game is lacking because of it. While on Dillard's website, I did a quick search for Born to find a new pair of sandals. Such cute styles to choose from and many are on sale right now. Nordstrom anniversary sale has a bunch too!

I ordered 4 pairs on sale and this is my favorite!

stylist tip: If you find a style and fit you love, get 2! I'm talking jeans, pajamas, shoes, house dresses, bras, anything wardrobe related! Don't you hate it when your favorite pair of jeans are worn out and starting to tear in the inner thigh (or is that just me)? Or your favorite pair of shoes needs to be tossed or re-soled? And you think to yourself, "Damn, if only I would've bought 2!" You have my permission. I'm totally buying another pair of those shoes.

stylist secret: I thought I added a pair of mules to my order at Dillard's and later realized I hadn't! I still wanted them but to get free shipping, you have to spend $150. So I searched around to find something else and I found this cute jumper (hey, I can always return it, right?). OMG, it is like a house dress with legs. I also took my own advice and ordered a 2nd pair of pants that I had bought last year and know I will be sad when I wear them out! Free shipping you say...LOL.

I ordered giant watermelon beach balls for a photoshoot and this pool was also in the package! One of my favorite was FREE!!!!!!

Target may say Summer is over but when it's 100 degrees out, it's still very much happening.

And now I have a few new things to wear until Fall is here...Yay!

Thanks for reading! What's your favorite Summer purchase?

Until next time....cheers! xo tina

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