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secrets of a stylist: time is flying.

The last few weeks have been jam packed with a little bit of everything- photoshoots, travel, shopping and friends. I LOVE being busy! It keeps my mind where it should be: focused. I haven't gone this long without writing but couldn't find a moment to squeeze in a blog post with everything going on. I shopped out three shoots at once and had to create a matrix just to keep track of everything!

The week of the 13th, I had a halloween shoot for a candy company! I LOVE Halloween so this was a treat...literally. On the first day, it was 100 degrees out and we were shooting in a studio with no air conditioning. The chocolate was literally melting in my hand. Yum. I got to work with a great team and we crushed it! I only ate one fun size Butterfinger the entire week! Very impressed with my level of control. We added dry ice to many shots and exclaimed numerous times..."spooooooooky." So. Much. Fun.

I had to make a monster candy bucket for the shoot! LOVE this little guy!

I also had a photoshoot that week with Kleen Kanteen. They are a family/employee owned B Corp company. Pretty cool. I LOVE shopping for props for them (I kept a few)! Unfortunately, I can't share any images of the product until it launches...but I will when I can! We shot at this beautiful home in Boulder and it was inspiring! The home owner complimented my styling...and I may have blushed a little. :) I turned a built-in bookshelf into a bar and used the underside of their kitchen island as a backdrop for a shelf Jeff built. The style, the light, and all the details in this home are dreamy and I would live there in a heartbeat.

This past week we traveled to CO Springs for a shoot for the utility company. This is the third time we've done work for them and it's with one of my favorite crews! Every shot had a color assigned to it which made for a fun shopping/styling experience. I'm a big fan of tone on tone and this shoot was all about that! Again, can't show any photos of it until the campaign launches.

Driving through pretty!

At the Antlers Hotel. Couldn't help myself. I did not know I was filming in slo mo.

Here's a few days of Amazon deliveries for all the shoots. On the 2nd day, I went outside while the delivery driver was stacking all my packages and said, "Thank you!" and she looked me up and down and slowly backed away while saying "You're welcome." Pretty sure she was thinking: Oh! YOU'RE the crazy lady ordering all this stuff!

Saturday night I attended a going away party for a friend of mine who is moving to Spain. Her husband and her had a "OMG what are we doing?" moment during Covid and realized that they needed a change...a big change. They wanted more in life than just working all the time. They sold two of their businesses, their home, and pretty much ALL of their belongings and bought a small property in Spain. They are "retiring" there with their 4 cats and going to remodel the villa and the other buildings on the land. Can't wait to see what they do with the property and I would love to visit! You can read all about it and follow along with them on their journey here. We ended up playing this game at the party (with a bunch of strangers) called "WE'RE NOT REALLY STRANGERS". So. Much. Fun.

Fallene and I at the party!

I finished my week with an early morning walk around the lake in Lafayette with my dear friend Beth. I love catching up with her and being outdoors surrounded by beauty (Beth and the lake!) That evening, another dear friend, Maurine, came over for dinner. Jeff cooked for us and we visited and got caught up on all the things. Once again, it's the little things...good food, good company, good times.

Beth and I at the lake. My head looks giant.

stylist tip: know your strengths. I was going to paint that bucket with a cute little monster face but decided last second that that was probably not a good idea. I am no artist for sure. Painting is not a strength of mine. Being crafty is. I had ordered felt masks for the shoot and ended up dissembling a few of them to use different parts for the face. I had so much fun, I made another monster on the other side!

stylist secret: Seeing Fallene really got me thinking about my life and what I want and need. There is something very intriguing (and refreshing) about selling everything and starting over (and scary!) another country!!? Hmmm... I have so much stuff (that I LOVE). How would I choose what to get rid of? What to keep? How FREEING would that be? My friend Janie pretty much did the same thing but instead of moving to another country she renovated a van and her and her family traveled across the country. Also very intriguing.

What a whirlwind these past few weeks have been. Time flies when you're having fun! Before you know it, Halloween will be here.

Thanks for reading! Could you sell all of your belongings and start over in another country? I am so curious.

Until next time...cheers! xo tina

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